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Oh, is it September already?

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On September 2, 2009
At 10:15 pm
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I jotted down all kinds of notes on my orientation but in the end, I’ll just share this one thought with you: the math teachers of the future are going to be HOT. Oh, and the orientation volunteers were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable (any one I asked knew the answer to any random question, I swear) that they kind of scared me. Also, TC has wifi so I can Tweet in class. Just kidding! Maybe.

The US Open has been awesome but fitting it in between school stuff has been hard. I’m a little exhausted. I know because I wrote a post at midnight on the #7 train last night and when I looked at it this morning it resembled the ravings of a drunken hobo. But, if anyone knows what it means in Spain to make a stinky face while mock pulling down your shorts gesture, I and the rest of the people at the Feliciano Lopez match would like to know. That one didn’t make the BlackBerrycam, but you can see others by clicking on the links on my Twitter page.

Also, I got a graduate assistant job and it is fabulous. It is not pushing papers or filing stuff, like my work-study job at Hopkins was. It is doing marketing on a literacy project and I am truly excited about it.

I did have my first class and it was online but live, which was weird. Afterwards, they left the session open so people could get to know each other. You know the intro to the Brady Bunch where everyone’s head is in a box and they each are looking around at all the others but not saying anything? It was kind of like that.

In housekeeping news, I had to remove the fun box that ranked my commenters by verbosity because there is a new and awful trend where companies hire people (not like the bots who usually spam you) to make relevant comments on a few of your posts so they can appear on the list. I could deal with computers doing this (they’re usually caught before they appear by the spamcatcher) but the idea of some woman in the Philippines going through all my posts page by page and leaving comments like, “I never thought Carrie was pretty!” with a link to some spammy site really creeped me out. Stupid spammers ruining it for real people who think Carrie isn’t pretty!

But that reminded me to change my description over there in the About Me box. That box is actually based on one that Blogspot has on their blogs, but when I came over to my own site I really wanted to keep it. I could remove it now but I’d definitely miss the picture. I’m not sure I love this descriptor, though, so I may tweak it.

Anyhoo, more US Open and more classes tomorrow! And maybe I’ll figure out what to write About Me.

Big Star – September Gurls