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One more day

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On August 31, 2009
At 12:30 am
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I’ve had a fantastic vacation, I know I forgot to write. Tomorrow is the US Open and then I’ll have to post because I’ll have pictures. I think I also have pictures of Nine Inch Nails with Peter Murphy but I don’t know, I had to take three showers after that show and then I sort of forgot about my camera. In case you’re wondering, yes, I did just take an Ambien. That’s what happens when you’ve been getting up at 1pm every day for a week and then you have to get up at eight suddenly.

But after reverting to my natural sleep schedule for a week (sleep at 3am, wake at 1pm) and thus watching 12 or so episodes of Sex and the City, I would just like to ask, without being catty, is Carrie really as stunning as the show makes her out to be? I mean, she’s awfully pretty, but everyone’s so wowed by her, is she as hot as all that? Maybe they hired the wrong actress. I think Charlotte is much prettier, honestly. I don’t know. What do you think?

Tomorrow (well, today now, Monday) is the last day of my vacation, and after Wednesday, I’ll have homework. Ponder that.

I think I’ve used this one before but whatevs.
The Cure – The Last Day Of Summer