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Between lives vacation report, day 2

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On August 25, 2009
At 2:00 am
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I’m not counting Saturday/Sunday, you see. They felt a little odd, but it’s hard to remember you have no job on the weekend. Unless you’ve been unemployed a while and maybe it wasn’t voluntary; that’s happened to me too, so I understand. Monday was weird but in a “too conscious” way, as if I had to keep reminding myself, my former co-workers are plugging away and I’m! not! Then I berated myself for a while because I meant to get some things done and I didn’t. I should have just written off the day early and felt good about doing nothing. Next time!

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. It’s today now but whatever. Remember my cousin who was discovering some home truths about The Employed Life? Right, well she’s in beauty school and is giving me a haircut tomorrow. Listen, cheap is cheap. Then, I’m off to see Trent Reznor to ask him about that whole “fat chicks tried to kill me” thing. Or not, it may just be a straight up Nine Inch Nails concert. I saw NIN on their first tour and not since. This is supposed to be the last tour and if I believed that, I would think it was an amazing bookends kind of thing. Still, it’s been almost twenty years and he’s put out two albums since then. I kid! I think it’s three. I don’t have the new one; they gave it away for free and I don’t trust people who give away their albums for free. That’s also a lie. I downloaded it an hour ago and am hastily trying to catch up.

A few items of business: I owe a Jew & A and it will be coming soon. Not tomorrow, though, it’s hard to write during that “I want to fuck you like an animal” song. Also, I have some US Open tickets for sale so if you are in New York City or its environs and would like to attend THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH during the first week, please contact me using the e-mail address at right or you can use the Jew & A form if you want to be really creative. Day and night session tickets are available. Because tennis is great day and night, naturally. Face value. Because your face has value. My Guide to the US Open is still mostly true (the backpack thing may have changed but it probably changed back) so feel free to check that out whether or not you get your tickets from me. But, you know, get your tickets from me.

In conclusion, it’s late and I just killed a gnat on my MacBook screen. Non-sequitors are fun!

I meant to make this iPod Song of the Week but I was busy working out my life when it caught my attention. This band is opening for NIN and are Teh Awesome! What I would have said then is that this is literally the only song I purchased the first time I heard it before it was even over. Of course, it’s like eight minutes so there was a lot of time, but still. It is so brilliant in every way and it still entrances me several months later. If you’re curious, I believe I made the purchase at 4:06.