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iPod Song of the Week – Love and Rockets

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On August 23, 2009
At 11:00 pm
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I thought I’d celebrate my new life being appended onto my old one with a song that did the same thing. It’s two, two, two songs in one! It’s easy to hear the core of the original songs and even both of their titles are kept. So where we had “Haunted” and “When the Minutes Drag,” we now have “Haunted, When the Minutes Drag.” They combine pretty well, don’t they?

I like several songs like this, the two that come to mind are epic tracks made up of something like four songs, Yes’ “And You And I” and Matthew Sweet’s “Thunderstorm.” Speaking of the minutes dragging, both clock in at about ten minutes. Then there’s Elton John’s “Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” which is over eleven and it’s only two songs. I don’t know why artists do this, but I find it very cool.

Anyway, this is from Love and Rockets’ first album and I love the build of it, and how it flows from tight to loose and the space just expands. And there’s no need to wonder what exactly the singer is haunted by. For the record, it’s: your soul, your hair, your clothes, your eyes, your voice, your smile, and your mouth. The word that would best describe this feeling, why, that would be, haunted.

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Love and Rockets – Haunted, When The Minutes Drag