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iPod song of the week – Sarah McLachlan

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On July 26, 2009
At 11:30 pm
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The best thing about Sarah McLachlan was how emotional her music was. Then it got kind of too emotional – I mean, how long can you sustain that level of emotion? Well, maybe that’s just me. But back in the day, before her big hits, I loved this song which now sounds somewhat dated and the production a bit cheesy. But when it came out it sounded fresh and her voice just grabbed you. There was something poignant about it, as though you, too, remember the person about whom she sings, “in the desert of my dreams I saw you there.” Remember is the key word, I think, because she doesn’t say that, but somehow it seems to me that it’s all a recollection of something or someone now gone.

This post is actually a preface to a later one which I’ll write when I’m not utterly exhausted. I went back to Baltimore this weekend and had a great, if intense time. Someone asked recently on a forum about going back to your old house. Well, you might remember that I haven’t had an old house until recently so of course I haven’t. But this weekend I realize I do go back, and I did. That house is several houses and they’re all in Baltimore. In hindsight, though, I wonder if I would have burst into tears upon stepping off the train onto the platform at Penn Station there, had this particular song not been playing on my iPod. Probably, but maybe not in those sort of sobs that make people look at you. What? Have they never seen someone who was that happy to see Baltimore before?

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