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iPod song of the week – Fleet Foxes

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On July 12, 2009
At 5:30 pm
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Hey, it’s “when I was a kid” week on JBall! But this one’s only tangentially related. In fact, this song’s really about the present. I had a really tough year. I don’t mean the calendar year. I mean Summer 2008 to Summer 2009. First there was losing the place where I was born and grew up, then it was the kitchen ordeal (and I recognize that I was lucky to get to remodel, but it was a horrible, soul-sucking experience that I entirely regret and still isn’t over), and then there was some other stuff beginning in January. I’ll talk more about that later this week.

But this song was a balm to me, so soothing as to still make my troubles dim when I hear it. I’ve listened to it a lot this year. The “when I was a kid” part comes from the fact that I think some of the appeal to me stems from the sound of the song, which reminds me of the sort of music my older siblings were listening to in the mid-70’s. I was lucky enough to have the sort of childhood where being reminded of it makes me feel safe, secure, and worry-free. Listening to this makes me think of my sister driving me down a dirt road in Dutchess County to get late night ice cream at the Red Rooster. But even if that’s not what soft 70’s music represents for you, I think you’ll still find this song peaceful and mind-resting.

And if you don’t usually bother listening to the iPod Song of the Week because my taste is not your taste, give it a try, This one’s different.

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Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains