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Amber and Kristen on JBall

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On April 24, 2009
At 5:00 pm
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This was just too good to leave on Facebook and so I’ll recycle it for a wider audience here. It’s between myself and Kay and occasionally, we go by the names we chose when they didn’t have ours at the Coors Brewery gift shop license plate display. As in the header there. Kay, of course, is the person helping me out on the road to the Jew & A book. She knows books!

It all started with this status message:

Becca lost the instructions to the egg poacher and is now cleaning exploded egg out of every crevice of the microwave.
Tue 8:42pm

Then it went like this.

Kay at 8:45pm April 21
Please tell me you videoed it.

Becca at 8:46pm April 21
Don’t you think that would be on YouTube already?

It was all so…sudden.

Kay at 8:48pm April 21
But you should have *anticipated* it. I’ve got to say I’m disappointed in you.

Becca at 8:50pm April 21
Anticipated it! I had to eat my poached egg over rice without egg.

Now I have rice.

Kay at 8:51pm April 21
If you need any other suggestions about how to poach an egg, lemme know, Amber.

Becca at 8:52pm April 21
Who are you?

Kay at 8:52pm April 21
I have no idea but we are so good at picking on each other.

Becca at 8:54pm April 21
I know! We should do a book. I see a series.

Amber and Kristen pick on each other at the Coors factory
Amber and Kristen pick on each other on Facebook
Amber and Kristen pick on each other at *your* house

Kay at 8:55pm April 21
Work on a proposal and then let’s talk. I think you’re on to something.

Becca at 8:56pm April 21
I’ll get right on that!

Kay at 8:58pm April 21
After you clean the microwave.

Becca at 8:59pm April 21
Oh right. THAT.

Kay at 9:00pm April 21
Back where we started.

Becca at 9:01pm April 21
For some unfathomable reason, I’m super-hungry.

Kay at 9:06pm April 21
But you had rice for dinner!

Becca at 9:06pm April 21
I could only eat half a bowl. It was just missing something.

I wonder what.

Kay at 9:08pm April 21
Weird. I swear I heard somewhere that you had a poached egg for dinner.

Becca at 9:12pm April 21
My MICROWAVE had poached egg for dinner!

Pay attention!

Kay at 9:13pm April 21
It’s really hard to keep up.

Becca at 9:14pm April 21
I can’t even remember what we were talking about.

I should make dinner.

Kay at 9:17pm April 21
Oh, that’s a good idea. Whatcha making?

Becca at 9:20pm April 21
Take out!

Kay at 9:21pm April 21
Yum. Be sure to order rice.

Becca at 9:23pm April 21
Will do!

You know, this was one of our best. I think I’ll jot it down for Amber and Kristen Over Easy.

Kay at 9:41pm April 21
I prefer poached, but whatever.

Becca at 9:46pm April 21
Poached! What a great idea. Let me find my egg poacher.

By the way, it was this recipe and it’s awesome. Be sure to read your egg poacher directions! Or do it the old fashioned way…. trust me.

Émilie Simon – The Egg