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On April 14, 2009
At 12:49 am
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I urge you, no I demand that you watch this video. Especially if you’re feeling down. If you’re at work and sound isn’t available, you MUST do it later. It’s never too late to feel good! But this isn’t just to make you smile, I have a point here. This video is like the Internet. I’ll wait till you watch it to explain. Better yet, click on the video and go to the original page to see it bigger and slightly less wonky. Then come right back.

Happy? Of course you are! OK. So you see, the first guy is like, I don’t know, Steve Jobs. Or Bill Gates. Or Woz. Or anyone who discovered things really early. And then, slowly people begin to notice. And give weird looks. Some walk away but some are fascinated and watch, even though they’re not sure what’s going on. Then, others join in. Then, others who were watching on the periphery join in. Then you join in. Somewhere along the way, before you even know it, it’s a phenomenon.

Because when everyone’s sharing with each other (and this never works when you’re alone), it’s just fun and happy times! This is why forums and blogs and Facebook are so addictive. You share with others, they share with you. Sometimes, you charge people money and this is called eBay. But this is all to say, I broke down and joined Twitter. I couldn’t help it, the dance in the center of the train station was too much for me and I was drawn into the vortex.

So far, I haven’t said much, I’m just listening and reading and processing. And I’ll do that for a while, especially because I have another two days of holiday beginning tonight. But if you’d like to follow, because hell, maybe things will get good, I’m at:

And if you have Twitter suggestions, feel free to leave links to them in the comments. I want to follow lots of people! For one thing, I’m bad at dance steps and this way, I’ll learn and maybe not step on my own feet. Because I seriously have no idea what I’m doing. But I’ve heard that when you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything.

Oh hell yes I have this earworm.
Michael Jackson – Rockin’ Robin