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iPod song of the week – early 90’s showcase

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On March 29, 2009
At 9:00 pm
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It’s attack of the mid-90’s has-beens! Yes, I’m cleaning out my work CD collection which, you guessed it, began in the early 90’s and hasn’t been sorted through since. Along the way, I have found the following tracks that I quite literally forgot existed. What happened to these people? Does anyone know? All I know is that several of the CD’s I found have been “discontinued by the manufacturer” according to Amazon which could mean big bucks for me. Except I’ll never get my act together to sell them. Oh well!

In the meantime, enjoy these here, because half the CD’s I found aren’t available for download.

These first two are both from Interscope, which my first boss left to join. She offered to take me with her but I didn’t go. Months later I was out of a job. But I did get these CD’s.

Weird wild stuff from a friend of Trent Reznor’s.

“You’re as funny as a bank.” Why don’t I use this line more often?

Remember when all songs used to sound like this? Good times.

And later when they used to sound like this? That is, girls? Because it’s hard for a guy to get away with a song called Tiny Meat.

That was from Ruby. I’ll be your DJ because Yahoo doesn’t have BIG GIANT LABELS like YouTube. But this was a better version.

Well, I hope you liked those all enough to spend $14.95 on the copies I’ll be selling later.

Oh, I kid! Maybe.


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  1. 🙁
    My first comment attempt didn’t go through.

    I have the Saltpeter album by Ruby, too! I love it so much.

    I probably have a bunch of no longer available CDs but will, also, not ever get my act together enough to make a bazillion dollars by selling them.

  2. Becca says:

    Weird – sorry about that!

    That is one I am definitely not selling. It may even move back into regular rotation, although probably on my iPod these days.

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