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Girls on film

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On March 26, 2009
At 12:00 pm
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Thanks for your patience, it’s been a painful week. I mean that literally, as the dentist was doing some work (yes, she has bought a new house on the basis of my teeth alone) and made a wee little error involving a slipped drill and a mouth full of blood. So I’m finding it a little hard to think straight just now.

But I did just want to share this one little tidbit. I kind of thought I’d remember all the fun events of my youth but it seems I do not because I had the following exchange with one of my high school exes on Facebook. Don’t worry, it wasn’t on anyone’s wall. Actually, it started with one of those memes they have where you post a note saying, “post one memory you shared with me – then you post this note and people will share memories they have with you.” I posted something innocuous on his.

He wrote me privately:
“I know you won’t post the memories note, [ed. note: ha! everyone knows how much I hate these things], and you probably don’t want this posted online [ed. note: eh, whatevs], but one memory I have of you is when I rented a porno movie and we watched it together.”

But the strange thing is, I don’t! I thought the first porn movie I ever saw was in college. What is wrong with me? I didn’t even take drugs in high school!

I was afraid to say I didn’t remember but what if he quizzed me? You know how much the plots vary! No, I kid, I’m just way too honest so I was forced to admit that I have utterly forgotten that.

Answer? “OMG you totally suck!!!”

So true, people. I may have to see one of those memory recovery specialists. But in case you think maybe he mis-remembered seeing it with someone else, he further wrote: “I remember renting it, watching it at your house and making fun of it after.”

Oh yeah, that sounds like me.

Actually, I think the video for this was the first porn I ever saw. Hey, I was twelve!
Duran Duran – Girls On Film