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This just in – CD’s going away

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On March 3, 2009
At 10:30 pm
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I know, you heard it here first. But seriously, you know how much I am a champion of the actual physical CD. The better sound quality, the artwork, the way your friends can see your cool taste all on the shelf, the way you can’t lose them even when your iPod falls into the subway tracks (no, actually, I back up, thank you, Jebus). And yet, I’ve had several indicators recently that I will soon stop buying most CD’s. Ladies and gents, my evidence:

1. I moved offices this week and realized I never listen to any CD’s at all. Most were actually unreachable and I never noticed. My computer is hooked up to my stereo at work, and I just listen to stuff on my PC or hook up my iPod. I told the facilities people not to bother installing CD racks in my new office. I may regret this as I still get most of our new music on CD. But whatever.

1a. I shipped the CD’s I wanted home. They arrived today…. there are over 300 and I have no idea where I will put them. Since my shelves at home are full as it is, I will probably rip them onto a hard drive and throw them away.

2. Today, there was a special deal at Amazon where U2’s new album was available for $3.99. I used to be a huge U2 fan and had posters all over my walls at about War and Unforgettable Fire time. Achtung Baby is still one of my favorite albums. I even liked Pop. I wasn’t so hot on the last two CD’s but I still own them. The only thing that made me hesitate in buying this one was that it might blow. I didn’t worry at all about not having the physical specimen. So strange for this Gen-X’er.

3. Tower closed. Circuit City is closing. Borders is vastly reducing their music inventory. Now, both NY Virgin Megastores are closing. Soon, Best Buy will be the only place anywhere near me to actually buy a CD. I’ve already bought one download album because of it, Animal Collective. I wanted it the day it came out and knew Amazon would take two days (I have Prime) for free shipping. Where the hell else would I be able to get it? At 11:59pm the night before release, I refreshed and refreshed, until the mp3’s became available, and then I had my own midnight sale. Remember those? Remember record stores? It honestly makes me cry, but y’know, I’m glad to have the Internet. I don’t think I’d trade.

In conclusion, the new U2 album is worth four dollars.

U2 – Get On Your Boots