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Time warp

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On February 5, 2009
At 3:00 pm
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Hidily ho, blog readers. There have been some technical difficulties and the site has been taken back to January 18th.

I’ll be doing some updating tonight so tomorrow it will either be:

a. back to the present time.
b. broken and unavailable to you.

Please pray for a. TIA!

Edited at 1am:

It’s taken hours, I had to go through four separate upgrades, but it’s done and it works! Tomorrow, I add the missing posts back in. This is not because I’m too tired but rather because I left them in a text file at work. Oops!

More on this in another post. Now, I’m off to bake cookies for me and Pious B.

Er, that would be today. Time flies when you’re squinting at file names. Thanks for your prayers!

Edited at 11am:
Almost there, just a few comments to go….

Edited at 2:30pm:
Aaaaaaand, we’re back! Thanks for your patience. If you subscribed to a post after 1/18, you no longer will be but I doubt anyone else will comment anyway. I’ve opened up comments, I just didn’t want any while I was rebuilding. The next post will explain all this and all the glorious lessons I learned. I know you can’t wait.