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Can I talk to you, blogger to reader?

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On January 19, 2009
At 10:15 pm
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I seem to be getting lots of searches on one topic lately. The trouble with answering questions in this fashion is,

a. it does a disservice to my regular readers.
b. it will take a while to get indexed by Google and by then people will have moved on.

But I can’t help myself!

The Hebrew on Boy George’s shirt in early videos says, transliterated, “Tarbut Agudah,” which means Culture Club. But backwards, since in Hebrew the noun comes first. So it kind of says, “Club Culture,” but actually really means nothing. But it was a good try! I have been getting a lot of Boy George queries lately because he’s recently gone to jail for some kinky sex crime or something. I was too busy being fixated on how he’s let himself go to really read the article. Ouch! Could anyone have been more fastidious regarding his appearance than George? How the mighty have fallen! It also means he’ll probably never tour here again because he’s a felon and won’t be admitted. But I’ve already seen Culture Club play and once was enough, so I’m not disturbed personally.

And while we’re chatting, Googler, I should also reiterate that David Nalbandian is not Jewish. Those questions are once again becoming prevalent because he won the opening tournament of the year, the Medibank Open! Woo! The Australian Open is going on now but since only two of you are concerned about that (although I’m sure countless lurkers care very much), I’ll try not to go on and on about it.

But hey, my interaction with you could have been like this gem I unexpectedly found while I was searching out lyrics for that “That’s Not My Name” song by the Ting Tings. You see, I had to know if her name was really Jaleesa.

Meaningful, right?

Is it wrong that I keep ending Culture Club song titles with, “….in jail?” Do you really want to hurt me… in jail? I’ll tumble 4 ya….in jail. Boy Boy, I’m the boy…in jail.

Luckily, this one doesn’t work.
Culture Club – Church Of The Poison Mind