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Jew & A questions, but no, I’m serious this time

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On January 14, 2009
At 2:50 pm
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Hey! What’s the most cliched thing a blogger can do? Besides gazing at her own navel? Publish a book, of course! I have been asked to put together a proposal for a Jew & A book. I know, how crazy/awesome is that! But the fact is, I don’t have enough questions. Without questions, there are no answers, my friends. So, in actuality, we’ll be writing a book. You and I. Except you won’t be paid. That’s a legal phrase that means, “you won’t be paid.” Especially if my proposal isn’t accepted. Then no one will be writing a book.

So! Please do think of some pressing questions about Judaism, Jews, Jewey things, etc. They don’t have to be PC, I am rarely offended except if you tell me these pants make my butt look big. But that’s not a question so I’m not concerned. You can send me questions in three ways:

1. Email me at becca (at) magicjewball (dot) com
2. Use this form (also under Pages on the right).
3. Put it in the comments.

Don’t forget, you may be published in a book but possibly not on the actual blog. Except if your question intrigues me so much I feel the need to answer it this second. Luckily, you’re all intriguing. I know this because I’m always intrigued that anyone would read this blog.

So thanks and don’t forget Becca’s favorite phrase, “don’t be afraid to ask!”*

*may or not be Becca’s actual favorite phrase.

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