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In the future when all’s well

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On January 5, 2009
At 11:15 pm
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You know how people who are afraid of dying in plane crashes are obsessed with plane crash news? Having worked on this blog for nearly three years, my fear is losing everything, and so I am obsessed with a blog service I’ve never heard of called Journalspace crashing and losing all its members’ blogs. Everything. Apparently they had a stupid (read: nonexistent) back up system set up by their sketchy IT guy who then erased everything right after he was fired. People, we can learn some lessons from this:

1. Back up your work!
2. Always escort fired employees out of the building.
3. Never lose track of what’s going on in your own world, even if you have delegated.
4. Back up your work!

True story, at one label where I worked, a guy got laid off, went to say goodbye to his friends on another floor, and got trapped in the stairwell when they cut off his card access. Security had to come rescue him. That was sucky. But this is a good segue to say, happy new year! How so? Well, think for a moment. Do you know anyone who had a good 2008? Because I surely don’t. And getting canned is one big reason it blew for lots of people. But it wasn’t just that, remarkably. Everyone seems to have their own unique reasons why it both sucked and blew. I know I do.

But the good news is, it’s over. Fresh start! I know where David Nalbandian is next week! The Yankees bought every free agent available! One day, no construction people will be expected at my home! Peace in the Middle East!

No, really!

And this is your year, dear reader. I’m sure of it. Unless you blogged with Journalspace. 2010 will work for you folks.

Morrissey – In the Future When All’s Well