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Got Hannukah….. questions?

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On December 11, 2008
At 10:25 pm
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I’ve been mind-crazingly, body-exhaustingly busy this week but I did have this sort of hazy idea of doing a self-written FAQ for the upcoming Hannukah holiday. By that I mean I would come up with both the questions and the answers. But while I was out getting drunk with colleagues (work is hard), someone sent me some of the very questions I had been considering! (Cue Twilight Zone music). It occurred to me, since I have been so lame about posting lately, that there is still time to get your questions in, in case there might be some burning query in your mind other than “how will I pay for my holiday?” and “will I have a job in January?” So send them on in! You can either throw them in the comments below or use the handy “Submit a Jew & A question” link in the sidebar under “Pages.”

In the meantime, while I try to make it through these last weeks before the Big Break the music business takes at the end of the month, please enjoy this bit of holiday cheer. See, it’s going to be awesome when this guy shows up with his missed connection to the family Christmas. Because I’m 100% sure this boy’s parents are going to be thrilled to see her.

“Uh, I’ll pour….”


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  1. Average Jane says:

    Channukah Question: If it is truly our holiday that is the festival of lights, why didn’t we jump on that pretty-twinkly-light phenomenon way before Santa got his hands on them? Sooooo pretty. Sooooo twinkly.

    I am one of those lost-their-job people… So I’m coming to NYC to see those pretty-twinkly-lights that you’ve got up there and clear my head a little. Send me some love 🙂

  2. Solace says:

    Looking forward to the J&A!

    I sure hope that was an iced cappuccino, that was spilled! Because “I’ll overlook the fact that you scalded my nephew, cuz yer hawt!” is exceptionally icky. Blarf.

  3. Becca says:

    Jane, while I am enjoying your blogging from SBux and I know you’ll have a great time in the ci-tay, I do hope the new year brings you fantastic job opportunities.

    Solace, I blarfed a little too. But I was laughing while I was blarfing.

  4. JennyPA says:

    I wonder what the nephew thinks?

    An actual J&A question – what’s the significance of Hanukkah gelt and how did it turn into chocolate?

  5. Alex says:

    I think that this year, Christmas is on the 28th of Kislev. Why does it keep moving around?

  6. Sam says:

    Do I have to get the Jews in my life a present for each day, or can I get them each one present and bestow it on any day within the eight day window?

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