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Rumors of my blog’s death have been greatly exaggerated

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On November 23, 2008
At 6:30 pm
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The funniest thing happened today! I woke up in the morning and remembered I had a blog!

Actually, I forgot the password. It’s been a tough time.

No, in reality, I think anyone who is remodeling will tell you that even if you have a contractor, you’re essentially managing the whole project yourself and if you’re me, you have to research and examine every step you take. This all equals both little blogging time and little to write about which would be of interest to anyone not renovating. This has been incredibly exhausting and disorienting. I’m thrilled to be doing it, don’t get me wrong, but I will be even more thrilled to be done. Maybe I’ll even have something to say that is worth blogging about.

I wanted to blog about Veterans Day. I even took pictures of the parade. I wanted to blog a funny story about a band that came to the office. I wanted to tell you the bizarre tale of the refrigerator that I’m still not entirely sure I sold on Craigslist. It might actually have been stolen. I considered telling you about the past I tried to forget but rediscovered through some stuff on Facebook. I had an idea for an iPod Song of the Week based on a song I never knew was a remake. I had a whole post in my head about the show I went to of the artist who changed my life.

But, in the end, I was overtaken by marble tile and brushed chrome faucets. Some people will not believe it, but I even stopped tracking my blog stats. I couldn’t bear imagining people coming and thinking I’d stopped blogging. I wanted no evidence that anyone was here while I was in kitchen hell.

The good news is, I am single-handedly keeping our battered economy alive through my over-budgetness.

So! In case I don’t get to it, happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll be thankful for the extra space in my brain that I’m soon to have once this project ends. I intend to blog before then, but, if you’ve visited lately, you know that good intentions don’t always lead to blog posts.

And in case you were wondering, the kitchen picture site hasn’t been updated because the most recent changes have been under the surface. I hope to be able to show some progress later this week or next.

In the meantime, I’ll be here making dinner in a hotpot.

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  1. I was walking through my local Whole Foods today – it is my cheap lunch out (samples) thinking about how hard this year has been and how very grateful I am for the many kindnesses I have received. Gestures that might seem small to others, kept me going when I didn’t think I could get through another day.

    This Thanksgiving, yours will be among the many kindnesses included in my grateful prayer of thanks.

  2. Becca says:

    Judy, I think all the “Turkey Day” talk and food discussions make us forget things for which we should be grateful and so I’m glad you reminded me of one of the most important: friends, both typical and virtual.

    And people who continue to write and inspire, especially through real travails.

  3. sarpon says:

    Can we vote? Because I really, really want to read about the stolen refrigerator. Blog that, please.

  4. lisatagio says:

    I would also like to hear about the refrigerator. I need a new one, so they are on my mind right now.

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