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On November 3, 2008
At 10:05 pm
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Well, tomorrow’s the day, everyone. Tuesday, that special day between Monday and Wednesday. Don’t forget to drink your coffee! The free coffee you get from Starbucks after you vote. Because who the hell still needs to be reminded to vote? Do you live under a rock? And I’m pretty sure it’s clear even to those people. Relatedly, if one more person sends me that “I donated my status to getting out the vote” cause on Facebook, I’m going to shove a campaign poster up their… anyway! Don’t forget the coffee.

Of course from my title and song, you already know which way I’m voting, but don’t let that stop you from choosing whichever kind of coffee you prefer. Pike Place Roast is pretty insipid but the other kinds always taste burnt, so it’s a tough call. All I know, personally, is that I’ll be getting one of those Berry Stellas to accompany it. It’s just like the one on the flag and not only because I could eat 49 more.

Tears for Fears – Change


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  1. Solace says:

    I’m absolutely giddy that it’s the end of political calls and ads and fliers and junk mail for awhile. (heavy sigh of relief)

  2. Becca says:

    There’s almost nothing here. We only swing one way.

  3. Maureen says:

    We only had ads for the state races here, I am not sure the Democrats carried Georgia even when it was Jimmy Carter’s campaign.

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