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iPod Song of the Week – Talking Heads

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On October 12, 2008
At 8:00 pm
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I really wrote this in my head last Sunday as I was descending into LaGuardia from Denver. Because this was the song I was listening to and it wasn’t random. Alas, the M60 bus which was the whole reason I had chosen LGA (Airtrains from the other airports cost money, the public bus is free on my unlimited Metrocard) was way late in coming and so there was no time to write this then. So I had to wait a whole other week, so sad.

Anyway, this song is worth the wait. It comes from the soundtrack to Until the End of the World, a movie I didn’t understand at all and practically fell asleep during. But it had an awesome soundtrack and this was one of the best songs out of that stellar line-up. When I would take the train home from college, this is the song I would listen to on my walkman as I glimpsed New York for the first time. There’s a line about New York and then one about “going home, back where I belong,to staaaay” in it but that’s only partly why. It’s something about the music. It starts slow and all along the way it has a kind of wondering, a feeling of discovery at something odd but beautiful. Which is kind of how I feel when I approach New York after being away: what a weird and beautiful place. So good to be back.

I’m off upstate for a few days but luckily I’ll be back to staaaay.

Talking Heads – Sax and Violins

Streaming audio available on the iPod Song of the Week page.