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This was a really tough decision

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On October 10, 2008
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Facebook ads offered me two excellent choices as to how I might want to lose weight this week. I didn’t take either (I’m not a big Chabad fan) but mine was closer to #2 with a bagel & lox chaser at the end.

I hope all my Jewey friends had a meaningful Yom Kippur and I hope all my supermodel friends stayed awesome! Not that, you know, the two are mutually exclusive.

The Distillers – The Hunger


Catching up with Depeche Mode

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Having 5,365 unread items on your feed reader because you’ve been away/busy does have its downside. One is that I missed my special birthday present from Depeche Mode, the announcement of a new album and tour on 10/6 (that’s the announcement – the tour didn’t actually occur on my birthday). The first date is in Tel Aviv! Sadly, my overbudget kitchen precludes me from jetting off there for it next year and so LA will have to remain the furthest I’ve ever gone for one of their shows. But I did watch the press conference in its entirety, because if your old friends from your youth were still hanging out together, wouldn’t you want to hear what they said? My favorite exchange was surely this one regarding the new font of their logo.

German reporter lady: Do the many crosses in your artwork mean the new album will be darker than ever?

(all band members turn to look at it)

Martin Gore: You people think too much.

As Martin himself would say, ha aha ha! Depeche Mode, now and forever, my favorite band. See you in 2009!

Title is actually the name of an early DM Greatest Hits record (really – I have it on LP). But here’s a fun video! I never knew it existed until DM were asked at the press conference what they thought of it. Answer: “it was nice of them to do.” Hmmmm……

[youtube width=”400″ height=”335″][/youtube]