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Weekend update

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On October 7, 2008
At 10:30 pm
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Don’t you hate when people say, “thanks for your patience?” It’s so… assumptive. 99% of the time, they wouldn’t say it if you were truly, actually patient. It’s like saying, “thanks for not attacking the buffet,” on a cruise. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’ve heard things.

This is all to say, thanks for your patience in repeatedly reading the last post while I was out enjoying myself. To continue our Western story, Kay and I visited the Coors brewery on Friday where we totally took advantage of the free beer! I had two sips of Coors classic or whatever it’s called (can you tell I don’t drink Coors?) before throwing out the cup and Kay had water. Everyone looked at us strangely but it was mostly because we found everything unintentionally hilarious (Tour guide: “Don’t worry, this pond out front isn’t the beer water!” Us: “Isn’t Coors beer water?”) and I kept singing the “Duff Beer For Me, Duff Beer For You” song from the Simpsons.

There were no hairnets at the Coors plant and you could take as many pictures as you wanted but that’s because everything was behind glass. I would have put them on the glass but there don’t seem to be any humans there to flash. Instead, I got some glassy shots of boxes of Keystone Light going by. I’ll spare you. You’re welcome! Now, the Coors brewery didn’t have any double entendres, as you can see from this lame-o pic, but it did have over a hundred thousand hours without a workplace accident while Celestial Seasonings only had eight days. Let this be a lesson to you: tea is more hazardous than beer.

Later, Team Fabulous! arrived at the hotel and we proceeded to have a fabulous time. I’d tell you about it but what happens in Denver stays in Denver. But I just did want to say that my teammates were brilliant, hilarious, fantastic women and the only thing more lovely than the weekend I had with them is the fact that we raised twice the amount for the Komen foundation as we had thought we would. Thank you, everyone!

Other amazing things: one of our team members has a fear of flying but came anyway, one of our team members was diagnosed with a tumor the week before the race but put off surgery to come anyway, one of our members had just traveled for another Komen race a month earlier but came anyway, and one of our members had to share a room with me but came anyway. I think that last one was the true hardship.

I took this same picture but Kay’s came out way better. So I stole it. There’s no I in team, people! Or in theft.

But I’m glad I got to walk it because it was lots more team-y. Plus, my pictures came out a lot less blurry. Not that you can tell because this one’s Kay’s. I may have mentioned that.

I got home late Sunday night and just ten hours later, they chopped down my kitchen. That will probably be better described some other day. But it is imperative to mention that all my worldly kitchen possessions (including the pantry and the fridge) are in my living room. Thus, I’m basically living out of my bedroom for a month (no DVR, no home cooked food, and the laptop chained to the bed so that no one steals it while I’m out), so if I go crazy (well, crazier), you’ll understand. By the way, “change you can believe in,” is the theme of my new kitchen. I won’t post a lot of pictures but if you are interested in following the progress, please bookmark my Picasa photo set which I will be using to document the metamorphosis. Every day so far, I have walked down the hallway to my apartment thinking, “here we gooooo…. surprise!” For ease of use, the address is As Depeche Mode once sang, enjoy the mayhem!

So there you go. This has all been so exciting that on Monday, my birthday, when people asked the obligatory, “any big plans tonight?” question, I enthusiastically answered, “yes! I’m going to sleep!”

Best run-up-to-birthday ever.

This one goes out to my teammates.
Warning: earworm.