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On August 22, 2008
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You may remember how I’ve spoken about the various slogans that Baltimore has had in the past: Charm City (still in use!), The City That Reads, Greatest City in America, etc. Back in 2006 I had a good chuckle at the expense of this last one, because despite the fact that I love the city dearly, I thought it aimed a bit high, no?

But I have a new idea and I need to submit to the Chamber of Commerce because I think it just rules. I was inspired by Clark Crockefeller, the fake Rockefeller guy who kidnapped his daughter and was finally found, arrested, discovered to be a German nobody, and locked up. If you were reading carefully (and who isn’t? we all have so much reading time), you may have noticed he was captured in Baltimore.

Now NBC is running an interview with him where we learn why! I read about it in the London Telegraph. Yes, I get all my best domestic news from the UK, shut it.

Rockefeller told NBC he took his daughter to Baltimore because he could not afford the life he wanted in Boston.

Awesome! So there you have it, Mayor Shiela Dixon: “Baltimore – When You Can’t Afford Boston.”

(image from Baltimike @ Flickr)

Yeah, there’s no reason for this except it was on XM Radio as I was writing this, which is ironic because I used to listen to it as I walked by rowhouses just like the ones above. Well, mine were in Charles Village and these are in Hampden, but the photo I liked of Charles Village rowhouses on Flickr had all rights reserved. Hey, Hampden is right next to CV! Plus, College Boyfriend lived there.

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