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Goodbye little world

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On July 30, 2008
At 10:30 am
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You know today is a bad day for me because I’m having two cavities filled later and this is not, in fact, the worst part of my day. The hardest part is that it is Bob’s last day here at Still Plugging Along Records, International. I may not have mentioned that Bob is my co-worker because when I posted about her way back when she wasn’t. She had been. And then she was again later. But now she won’t be. I should have warned you, a flow chart/timeline of some sort may be necessary to follow this.

But you don’t really need to know any of this, actually. All you need to imagine is that co-worker you have, the one whose office you find yourself putting your feet up in and badmouthing your other co-workers or moaning because he didn’t call and now what should you do? Coming to work when you’re working with a friend makes work kind of like hanging out with your friends, only with more spreadsheets and “I have to take this call.” And now life without that co-worker.

:: heavy sigh ::

But I want to wish Bob all the best in her new career as a teacher and also say, you’ll come back! Those ulcers you got are not indicative of the pressures of this job! The music industry has a glorious and prosperous future ahead!!!!

Man, I’m sad.

The Rolling Stones – Miss You

But title comes from:
Remy Zero – Goodbye Little World