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See ya, King George!

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On July 4, 2008
At 12:00 pm
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And by that I mean George Steinbrenner. Who did you think I meant?

Happy Independence Day, or “Happy Thank God We’re No Longer Associated With the US” Day, depending on where you live. I’m off sipping ice coffee somewhere but while I’m there, please enjoy this photo of one of Major League Baseball’s “Statues of Liberty on Parade” which dot the streets here at the moment to celebrate the previously mentioned All-Star Game.

This photo manages to incorporate all that is good about America: baseball, the Statue of Liberty, New York, and, of course, shopping. What you can’t see is that while I’m taking the photo, I’ve got a hot dog in one hand and a slice of apple pie in the other.

I am that good a photographer.

The Beatles – Revolution, not available for download. There will be a July 4th themed song for the iPod Song of the Week on Sunday. You may look away from your screen while you wait.


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  1. Irishcardinal says:

    You are SOOOO talented, Becca!
    I didn’t get to see any of those All Star Statues of Liberty. One of the girls in my group said the Cardinals one was just a block or 2 around the corner from Mickey Mantle’s. But it took them so long to serve our awful food, it was too late to go look for it. At least I got to see the miniature version one can buy for only $24.99 on

  2. Becca says:

    This one was actually right near there, at the Time-Warner Center. I haven’t seen the Cardinals one but if I do, my trusty pie-stained camera is always with me.

  3. sarpon says:

    You left out Chevrolet.

    You know: baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.

    Don’t act as if I am the only one who is old enough to get that earworm.

  4. Becca says:

    Well now that you gave me that earworm, sheesh.

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