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On June 23, 2008
At 11:15 pm
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I can’t believe I survived these last few days! As already described, I saw The Cure twice, R.E.M. once, met up with 4 different friends and sets of friends, baked several square feet of brownies and cupcakes (that really frosted my cupcake), and sat around watching people buy and eat said baked goods. Then I slept for three days. Only that last part isn’t true.

First off was R.E.M. I’m not a huge R.E.M. fan but I was offered this ticket by my friend Nicole (you may remember her from such concerts as Keane in Central Park) and it was only later that I remembered that that was how I saw my only other R.E.M. show in 1989; someone said, “hey, wanna go to R.E.M.?” But that bald man can really entertain! He danced, he strutted, he sang “Driver 8.” What more could I want? If you’re like me, and I know you are because I say this every other week and otherwise you’d have given up on this blog by now, a concert by a band that’s been around 30 years inevitably reminds you of other points in your life. Harborcoat! I was just a kid. Disturbance at the Heron House! I was working at the record store. Drive! The loneliest time in my life. Begin the Begin! This morning on my iPod. And so forth. It was hard to continue this maudlin theme, however, after the guy dumped beer in my hair. Don’t start with me about beer being good for your hair. I don’t want to hear it. That was when I realized that I would be back in filthy Madison Square Garden the very next night. Ew, sticky.

But the best part was when Johnny Marr came out. Johnny Marr! That’s exactly what I screamed at Nicole. Johnny Marr! She looked at me blankly. Oh, the humanity! But lemme tell you, I have been a fan of a brazillion acts with which Johnny Marr has played: the Smiths, The The, Electronic, Neil Finn. And yet I have never seen Johnny Marr right in front of me. Swoon! I didn’t realize that he plays with Modest Mouse, who were one of the openers. That’s because I purposely avoided Modest Mouse. Anyway!

Cure part 1 (sticky part 2) was with my oldest and bestest friend, North of the City. Also, Mr. North. He’s newer. But North and I have seen many a Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, etc. show together. Not Erasure, though, I’ll remember that next time. Anyhoo, it was being taped by Fuse so it was kind of a greatest hits show. Which was fine. For some people, it was just like heaven. Oh, I slay me! And once they played “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea,” I was ready to be smited by God and consider my life well-lived. But there was more. Prayers For Rain! Shake Dog Shake! Push! If Only Tonight We Could Sleep! Primary! (Not fast enough, by the way; Primary must be breakneck). And on and on for three hours. Did I mention? R.E.M. also played for nearly three hours. Me so tired.

Cure part 2 was at the classier and carpeted (my shoes really could take no more) Radio City Music Hall. I went to that one with Alfa and she indulged me grabbing her arm at moments such as The Hanging Garden and A Forest and Robert Smith climbing the balcony to almost where we were. I have video! Of the climb, not the grab. In general, the music was more obscure than show 1. There was more from Bloodflowers and the album tracks from Head On the Door (Kyoto Song never sounded so good). Of course, the price you pay is they invariably play the songs you’re not as into twice (hello Lovesong! hello Hot Hot Hot!). But they were new to Alfa so it was OK. Also, the guy next to me, who when informed that I had been to the show the night before (what? Robert Smith asked!), grilled me on how many encores and what they might play and when should he text his wife that he might be home?

Speaking of home, that’s where I went to finish baking at 1am. I almost stuck an uncracked egg right in the mixer. You can see why when my friend Chelle called me the next morning (I guess it was the same morning, really) to see about whether the bake sale would be moved due to rain, I almost bit her head off. “I don’t know, I’m calling the lady now!” Instead of killing me, she paid for our cab. I was seriously too tired to walk 15 blocks with platters of treats. But it went swimmingly! My brownies went so fast they had to cut them in half. And a guy interviewed me for a book he’s researching about family recipes. Too bad this wasn’t one. Whoops! I was too exhausted to explain. Most importantly, we raised $700 for That Candidate I Like. Awesome!

Then we got felafel and walked home (Chelle has conveniently moved in next door to me) after which I watched the Yankee game (oh Kyle Farnsworth, you dumb fuck) and got to collapse for a whole hour before IrishCardinal (she and her sister are visiting and doing a baseball tour of NY) called me to say, “we have an hour and a half before dinner.” Yes! So I went down to meet them (really meet them, we’ve never met) and hang in Columbus Circle and the park for an hour or so before they went off to dinner at Mickey Mantle’s (I told you, it’s a baseball tour). They were also awesome!

And guess what I did? Of course! I added my little clips to YouTube. Parts 1 and 2. And then I dropped into the deepest sleep ever. The end!

[youtube width=”300″ height=”240″][/youtube]

[youtube width=”300″ height=”240″][/youtube]

Title has nothing to do with the post except it’s really what most Cure songs are about, isn’t it? Sadly, they did not play it.
The Cure – The Blood