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Save the date

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On June 13, 2008
At 6:30 pm
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Hey, did you know? It’s a special Jewish Day on the secular calendar. Go ahead and wrack your brains, I can wait.

I lied, I can’t. I have a packed weekend. So let’s cut right to the chase and I’ll tell you that it’s June 13th. Yes, you knew that. But I love 6/13! This is because there are 613 commandments (or mitzvot in Hebrew, or mitzvahs in Hebraicized English) in Judaism. Lots of people think mitzvah means good deed and sometimes it does. But really, it means commandment, requirement, etc. These are things Jewish people believe God has commanded us to do. And it’s OK to think of it as a good deed because then you realize that good deeds, too, are required.

I once heard someone say to someone else that if she wasn’t going to give of herself with an open heart, then forget it. But in Judaism it’s not like that. Feeling good is awesome but even if you hate doing good things, you have to. Luckily, I enjoy giving all my money away and cleaning the sores of the old and sick.

Man, two lies in one post. Maybe I’ll just concentrate on those other 612.

Have a good weekend all!

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  1. tami says:

    Becca, you are a great person. You don’t even need those commandments…you are just naturally good.

    (boy, I’m nice today)

  2. Becca says:

    Aw, Tam-Tam cracker, you’re the best. In fact, we’re the bestest Mormojew ever!

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