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Holiday dilemma

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On May 26, 2008
At 1:00 pm
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The holidays are so hard for some people and I totally get that. For instance, today, I have the choice between the Yankee game (and they might even win these days), the French Open (it’s raining, though… I thought clay was waterproof?), and lacrosse. No really, my alma mater, Hopkins, is in the title match. I know, that’s not really rare. But this may be the only lacrosse game I watch all year. Actually, I hate lacrosse, but I pretend I don’t on this one day a year. In college, I had to pretend not to every single day. That was hard. Go Jays!

Decisions, decisions.

While I ruminate on that, thanks to all the soldiers who defend and defended this country past, present, and future. You make these difficult decisions possible!

Special thanks to the men and women of the Navy in NY for Fleet Week. I don’t even mind when you exit the subway and immediately stop and look up. You’re too adorable to annoy me!

Devo – Freedom Of Choice


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  1. sarpon says:

    Grab a couple of other wisecrackin’ (but beautiful) New York gals such as yourself and go show three of those adorable sailors a week they’ll never forget!

  2. Irishcardinal says:

    I loooove seeing those sailors in the stands at ballgames. My father and brother were sailors, daddy during WWII. Brother probably spent some time on the subway, in his yout’. I do love “On the Town”.

  3. Becca says:

    I love them too. I want to hug them!

    But that’s it.

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