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Soul Kitchen

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On May 22, 2008
At 3:30 pm
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I know everyone has stopped thinking about work already (holiday weekend, woo!) but here’s a glimpse of my workplace. I showcase this because I know you have always secretly wondered what a record company kitchenette looks like. Is it anything like the one at IBM? At the law office of WASP, WASP, WASP, & Token? At your particular place of business?

Of course it is! You have this arrangement and signage at your office, right? How else would you know where and where not to dispose of your unwanted CD’s?

(You can make your “they still make CD’s?” and “I already threw all my CD’s in the trash” jokes in the comments.)

How about the fridge? Usual “four levels of fat” milk? Perhaps a juice or someone’s lunch?

Yes, carrots, salad, orange juice, and beer. This pretty much sums up the lifestyle of most people with whom I work. We’re healthy! And we drink at work!

By the way, I was not the one responsible for that one missing beer, I swear.

The Doors – Soul Kitchen