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On May 19, 2008
At 10:45 pm
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When I think the name of the city of Atlanta in my head, I always say it just the way Scarlett O’Hara does in this scene. Let’s watch, shall we?

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

Yes, she was excited and so was I. Not only do I love Atlanta but I have many fine friends there, including Maureen who writes the delightful B-Movie reviews with TJ who I met for the first time. Despite loving sci-fi, Maureen was too tired to make it through an entire episode of Dr. Who the whole time I was there. Of course, we were worn out from eating at the Waffle House (I will be forever known as the Yankee who puts sugar in her grits) and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Along the way, I saw lots of other fun people from the Internet, including such commenters as Sarpon and DogandMusicLover (I left out the tildes there). Everyone was as awesome as awesome can be, and I’m not even including the guy who showed me porn on the plane. And they made an amazing potluck with Southern specialties like spring rolls with peanut sauce as well as chocolate cheesecake. OK, maybe not. But I couldn’t eat the brisket. And I came bearing gifts from my homeland, New York. Things like Zabar’s babka and rugelach and Jacques Torres chocolates.

But really, it was more about Southern hospitality. Folks came from all over the South to get together and they all showed me a heap of a good time. I’ll stop now. Anyway, in case you don’t believe me, even though Maureen and I already know each other, she gave me the full limo-driver treatment.

I’d explain about the file folder on her head but people would be all over me like a duck on a junebug. OK, now I’ll stop.

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