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Losing my religion

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On April 16, 2008
At 2:45 pm
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Dear Catholic visitors to New York,

How come the excitement over the Pontiff’s visit + the brevity of said visit do not cause you to move faster but rather to cluster in large groups at subway entrances and other places I need to get through quickly? Just sayin’!

Also, if you could all pray for the Yankees’ success whilst at Yankee Stadium, that would be beyond awesome and also might make up for the rest of this stuff.

Happy Passover!

PS, to all religions: I’m meeting my first Mormon this week! Stay tuned for updates.

R.E.M. – Losing My Religion


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  1. mb says:

    I’ve met that Mormon! As Mormon’s go, she’s the coolest. Give her a hug for me, please.

  2. Average Jane says:

    There are loads of mormons round these parts. In high school I got a personally inscribed Book of Mormon highlighted any everything! It says that we “jews” are like them “mormons” in loads of ways or something.

    So I went to fast and testimony day to see this “alikeness” up close. I learned that Jesus helped someone find their cell phone in their church gym bag.

    I never get to tell that story, so thanks for mentioning Mormons 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Your FIRST Mormon? Becca, you gotta get out of New York more.

    Here’s what amuses me about Mormons, and I say this with no intention of mocking them. When the Mormon missionaries come to my door, they’re always very clean-cut twenty-year-old kids, but their name tags always say “ELDER [last name].”

  4. Tami says:

    I AM that said Mormon. I can honestly report that I have never found anything in my gym bag that I didn’t purposfully put there.

    Can’t wait to meet my first Jew.

    It’s like a veritable potpourri of culture!

  5. Becca says:

    mb, that’s so funny, everyone else says she is mean and hateful. 😀

    Jane, you’re welcome! And I hope to tell some stories myself tomorrow. They may be more of the “we stuffed our faces but without alcohol” variety, though. Yours is going to be the better one, I think.

    Alex, I swear, I do but I didn’t meet any in Greece or France either. So weird. But no, we have the missionaries here too, I just can’t say I’ve “met” them in any real way.

    Yes, it’s Tami! Dear blog readers, I hope for a good “Jew meets Mormon” post later this week. However, I cannot lie (well, I can, but I won’t), this is not actually the reason I’m meeting Tami. Crazy, I know.

  6. Kylydia says:

    I love that Mormon!

  7. Mare says:

    I too have met that Morman. She might need you to help her with her cell phone but she won’t lose it.

    As far as moving Catholics, just put up signs that say “Free Blessed by the Pope Rosaries” and have an arrow pointing in a direction that makes your life easier.

  8. Alex says:

    Tami, your FIRST Jew? You gotta go to New York more.

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