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iPod song of the week – Quicksand

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On March 30, 2008
At 10:30 pm
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OK, so for the first time, I’m choosing a song that isn’t actually on my iPod. It’s on a CD! While I was doing my marathon baking session last weekend, I pulled out a few CD’s that I hadn’t heard in ages and cranked up the sound. I know the point of having a 30GB iPod (or more, but that’s the one I have) is to stick every single thing you have on there so that you’re carrying around your whole library wherever you go. But it didn’t really work that way for me. I never saw the point in ripping and transferring CD’s that I only wanted to listen to once every five years. Thus, I sometimes find myself staring at my huge CD tower (I know, that sounds like a spam you received today about satisfying your woman) and finding some gem from the past. And I found a few! Chief amongst them was the CD this comes from.

If you’re not from New York, you may never have heard of Quicksand but I always loved them and thought they should have been more successful. Not to mention that they shouldn’t have broken up after two records. They had a kind of raw, dark, hard-rock sound, not unlike early U2, I always thought. People seem to think the first album is better but I always liked the second one, Manic Compression. And if I recall correctly (and who knows… 1995 was a long time ago), this was the song that actually got some radio airplay. Or at least it did here. Of course, we had a good rock radio station back then. And I had to walk eight miles through the snow to hear it.

Quicksand songs are so full of power and energy, I often don’t even notice that they’re mostly like two and a half minutes. This one is exactly that: short and kickass.

Quicksand – Thorn In My Side

Streaming audio available on the iPod Song of the Week page.