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On March 26, 2008
At 3:50 pm
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loveDear J-Ball,

So it’s come to this, I have forgotten our anniversary. In the first year of our relationship, I planned it for weeks, did all kinds of research, felt emotions and sentiment. This year, I happened to notice a week after the fact and come empty-handed.

Please don’t think I don’t love you as much as the first day we were together. It’s just… you know how it is. I got used to having you around and maybe I have begun take you for granted. That novel excitement has kind of vanished. But don’t take that as arising from a lack of feeling. Rather, you are so necessary to me that you’re just a part of my life and so, are appreciated without words or gestures. Always know that without you I’d be one of those people talking to myself on the subway or boring my friends with daily minutiae. Or, you know, more so.

Anyway, allow me to make it up to you later this week. Or next week. Or sometime. It will be as fun a post as last year’s Blogoversary, I swear.


Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful (To Me)