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Give dough, get cookies

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On March 17, 2008
At 2:47 pm
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Ever since I did my rugelach bake sale for charity, several people have asked me if I would do the same thing with Hamantaschen, those filled triangular cookies of awesomeness. And so, I have decided to do it! Here is my post from last year describing the process of cookie-creating, should you not be 100% sure what I’m talking about. Hamantaschen are named for the villain of the Purim story, Haman (he wanted to kill the Jews, so trendy!) and Purim is this Friday. Another important thing to do on Purim is to give gifts to those in need so check out how well that works out!

This time we have two exciting charities to choose from as well as two flavors of Hamantaschen. You can see all the details and the method to acquire these tasty treats on my new Bake Sale page. The picture is not of my own cookies, but you get the idea. So get your orders in and we’ll celebrate giving to good causes with tasty treats.

Edited to add: for those who didn’t order last time, it is a medium-sized (4 cup) Gladware container.

Edited again to add: last day to order is Saturday 3/22.

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