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iPod song of the week – Split Enz

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On March 2, 2008
At 10:50 pm
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I think I can just sneak one in under the Sunday wire! I’ve been in a great mood lately, lots of fun things happening, and adding to this has been the recent snowfall. I don’t know about car people, but when I walk out the door in the morning, I try to match the song I start with on my iPod to my mood. Or failing that, the weather. I often listen to Disintegration when it’s raining and not because it makes me sad – it doesn’t. It just feels like rain.

But so the other day, there was snow on the ground, snow falling from the sky, and I was happy in general. As you may have noticed, there aren’t a lot of happy songs in my Depeche Mode/Cure/Smiths/New Order heavy world. So I had to think for a moment. And then I had to scroll for a few more moments. But finally I found it. A happy, fun tune, and it even mentions “there’s a world to explore” which is handy when the landscape is covered with white fluffy stuff.

Unlike most songs where I say “I think it’s about….” or “I interpret it as…” this song is indisputably about one thing: explorers making their way to the “new world” of New Zealand. Or Aotearoa as the Maori call it. And besides, I give Neil Finn a lot of love here. It’s time for some attention to Tim.

I think this song is so peppy because it’s supposed to reflect the optimism of the sailors. Also, because Split Enz excelled at this kind of zany tune. Either way, dare you not to be happy during this song! That’s because you’re not spending….

Split Enz – Six Months In A Leaky Boat

Streaming audio available on the iPod Song of the Week page.


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  1. Amy says:

    This Kiwi girl in Florida thanks you for a song from the Finn boys. When I was home a few months ago we drive through their home town of Te Aawamutu. Boy have they come a long way from that small farming community in the back of beyond.

    Love your blog.

  2. Pious B says:

    And when you’re happy, I’m happy.

  3. Becca says:

    Amy, they have indeed. And my first Kiwi commenter, I’m so excited! OK, now I have to share this story. Once, I was flying to LA and seated next to me was the oldest man I’ve ever seen. I think he was like 90. We got to chatting and it turned out he was from NZ, on an around the world trip, and was now on the final leg before going home. I said, “funny! I’m listening to a band from NZ right now!” He said, “who?” I answered, “Split Enz.” He nodded and said, “oh yes, Neil and Tim Finn.” Ninety, I’m telling you.

    And thanks!

    Pi, and I can’t smile without you. We must do dinner.

  4. Amy says:

    Bless that old dudes cotton socks, hope he made it home safe and sound.
    We NZers do seem to get out and about more than most people. I have bumped into fellow kiwis in some pretty remote areas of the world. I would place most of them south of being 90 though.

  5. Becca says:

    Midway through, the flight attendants gave him a bottle of champagne, just handed it to him. I like to think they were congratulating him for making it through the flight.

    And one day I’ll get to New Zealand and Australia too. One day when I get more than on week’s vacation at a time.

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