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Not quite the iPod Song of the Week

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On February 10, 2008
At 10:10 pm
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Are you watching Feist right now on the Grammys? Of course not, because I’m writing this way before you read it. I have no idea who else has been on because I was out to dinner with friends and I forgot to set my Tivo. Anyway, of course Feist was big before Apple but we all know that commercial made her. Who’s next? Why, it’s Israeli singer Yael Naim! That’s right, the #1 song on iTunes is by an Israeli, the chick from the MacBook Air commercial (that’s the laptop that’s so thin, it doesn’t include anything you need on it).

So because I’ve been crazy busy this weekend and I would like to shower so as to get the smell of barbecue sauce out of my hair (I smell like any restaurant I go to, it’s a curse), instead of me analyzing some track from my iPod, here’s this light and airy song from next year’s Grammy winner, Yael Naim. It’s really pleasant! Get it? Because naim means pleasant in Hebrew. Oh ahahahahaha! Yes.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]