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Breaking: team with some proximity to NY wins!

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On February 4, 2008
At 4:15 pm
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Wow, so how about that football contest? To me, it seemed a lot like Sense & Sensibility, mostly because that’s what I was actually watching at the time. But in hindsight, now I’m kind of sorry, as it appears as though New Jersey New York actually pulled it out. I noticed because of all the hooting and hollering going on outside and it wasn’t even the exciting scene where Emma Thompson gets together with Hugh Grant.

Now, you’ll notice that every site and its splog have “best commercials” analysis. You may have thought I was above that. Well, in your face! Because I’m not. I did watch all the commercials online and this was my favorite. Honorable mention goes to the Macy’s balloons chasing after the coke (as if Stewie would ever lose to Charlie Brown).

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

Ahahahahaha! Every time I see that, I’m sure he’s going to mow down Richard Simmons. I believe in you!


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  1. Deutlich says:

    HA! that really is all sorts of funny. The Justin Timberlake Pepsi commercial had me cracking up pretty hard too. So did the Planter’s peanut one with the lady & her uni-brow.

  2. KP says:

    Dude, I watched the stupid game and ended up missing most of the commercials anyway. Thank Jorge for the internets!

  3. kb says:

    I thought I watched every commercial in that darn game … how did I miss this one? *looking it up* AH! It was on during the boring third quarter! I must have zoned, or been looking at something in the room or something.

    Personally, my favorite was the shirt stain one. I also liked Shaq on a horse. And Will Farrell. And the baby stock trader.

    And don’t laugh, but when Hank the Clydesdale didn’t make it on the team this year, I actually choked up. Thank goodness the dog stepped in!

    ~~~ kb, the sucker for good cinematography and stirring music

  4. Becca says:

    I can’t believe no one loved the racist Salesgenie ads!


  5. Alfa says:

    The talking baby who “underestimated the creepy factor” of his birthday party clown just ruined me.

    Will Farrell, not so much.

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