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It’s on, baby!

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On January 31, 2008
At 3:25 pm
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Hey, Lost re-starts tonight!

That’s really all I have to say about it. Is there more? No, really, I watched the “pop-up video” version of last season’s closer last night because, quite frankly, I have a mind like a sieve to the point where after a month away from the show I’m like, “so it’s the doctor, Kate, and what’s the other guy’s name again?” So this was quite useful for me.

I don’t actually watch a lot of TV shows. It’s pretty much sports and Simpsons reruns in my world. Aside from the requisite HBO blockbuster series, this might be the only one I watch regularly. So this is kind of momentous. But not as significant as it is for this blogger, who has come up with a way to make Dharma fish biscuits! Awesome!

I hope she doesn’t mind I’m using her cookie picture. But these have to be seen. Then one of you can make them and send me some.

The Cure – Lost