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This one’s for the toque wearers

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On December 26, 2007
At 10:30 pm
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Happy Boxing Day, my Northern friends! I spent mine braving the suburban mall with Alfa to acquire what the Build-A-Bear people inform me is my “new #1 pal.” So screw the rest of you! Anyway, here is my tribute to America’s Hat and your national pastime. Pretty cool, eh?

He looks sad because he is aware of the Rangers’ record.

I hope you had a happy Christmas, or as they call it there, “Jesus Night in Canada.”

The Zambonis – Hockey Holidays (xmas ice)


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  1. Average Jane says:

    My Build-a-Bear Story (by Average Jane)
    When I turned 21, I was a senior in college. A box arrived for me with a peculiar shape: it was a house shaped box and inside it was a build a bear with birthday attire that giggled. And I was in love. I named it G Bob and we were fast friends. Later that year I moved to Seattle where I lived long enough to celebrate my 22nd birthday. On the big day, a box arrived. A peculiar shaped box. A house shaped box. I opened it anxiously to see what new friend my mom had imagined up this year… and found the same bear. Again. With a birthday card wishing me a happy 22nd. It wasn’t a mistake. My mom literally sent it to me twice.

    So rad.

  2. KP says:

    I love Build A Bear. They have fancy boxes there.

    Over the years we have acquired two bears, a turtle and a monkey. Their clothes would usually be strewn all over the house five minutes after getting them home.

    We also have the Green Monster in a Red Sox uniform.

    I know Bec, I know, but he’s my kid and I have to love him anyway.

  3. Soxy says:

    Did you have to kiss the heart and spin around with it?

  4. sarpon says:

    It’s reassuring to know that the supply of stuff to buy is, indeed, unending.

    Because you know sometimes I start to worry that I may have already bought all there is to buy.

  5. Becca says:

    Jane, so you still have two? Exactly the same? Freaky!

    KP, do you stick pins in it when he’s not looking? Just kidding. Kind of.

    Soxy, Alfa and I wondered if we would but we only had to make a wish. Mine was that the woman wouldn’t make me spin around.

    No, Sarp, it’s OK. They just keep making new bears. Right in front of you.

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