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On December 3, 2007
At 11:00 pm
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Just to follow-up, I went back to Amazon and listened to snippets of a whole bunch more of the Rockabye Baby albums and I think Radiohead are the most accurate. On some of The Cure ones I couldn’t even tell what song they were without looking (even Lullabye!) Does this mean that Radiohead songs are the most like lullabies to begin with? Who knows! But a fun thing I found on the Beatles one (oooh, they picked Yellow Submarine, how daring) was a comment from poor Jen “Jen” who was disappointed with the CD.

I bought two of these Rockabye CDs – the other being Bob Marley. CD isn’t bad but, the real songs from the Beatles would have been better. I wish someone would produce a Lullaby CD with actual songs by real artists.

Uh, yes, Jen or “Jen,” that would be a swell idea. Or, you know, you could just buy the CD’s and make a mix of the gentler Beatles songs. Which is what I did in college, although I did it the hard way and taped them off my Beatles-mad roommate (one of my readers is nodding right now). It was worth it to fall asleep to Blackbird and Dear Prudence without Tomorrow Never Knows. Don’t worry! I later bought all the CD’s.

Shockingly, 0 out of 6 people found this review useful and I didn’t even vote. One person had a reply:

If you want the real song then buy the original album. The Beatles would have a hard time producing a “real” lullaby song considering half of the band is dead.

That guy should have a blog.

Obviously (it better be obviously) the title comes from The Beatles’ Happiness is a Warm Gun, but that’s not available for legal download so we’ll go with my favorite Radiohead lullaby.

Radiohead Lullabies – Paranoid Android