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iPod song of the week – Rockabye

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On December 2, 2007
At 4:20 pm
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Back when Baby Owen was born (on my birthday! I may have mentioned this a couple or eighty times) I had a tough time deciding what to get him and looked in several states and a couple of countries. But finally, the perfect gift emerged, I can’t even remember how, and I got him one of a series of CD’s of rock and alternative artists done in lullaby form. Baby Owen got Radiohead because that’s what his Mom likes, but ever since then, I’ve been mesmerized by them and just could never decide what to get. They all have fantastic covers, too, something like the artwork of the original artist but in kiddie style.

(l-r: The Cure, U2, Bob Marley, Metallica)

Cool, right? There are a bunch I really like but I finally chose Tool and made it my inaugural song purchase from the Amazon music store. Only 89 cents! Anyway, this song is just fabulous because it keeps all of the dark, haunting hypnotism of the original but with a softer arrangement and fewer swear words. They accomplished that last part by making it instrumental. But it’s OK, babies pretty much already know that shit ends up at the bottom and you should wear your grudge like a crown of negativity.

Tool Lullabies – Reflection

Streaming audio available on the iPod Song of the Week page.


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  1. Average Jane says:

    I was totally brave and went “off registry” for my friend’s baby shower. I know. I know. This was a risky move. But my friend (the father) is a musician, and the couple is opening their own recording studio this year… And after what I saw they got, another onesie was probably not necessary. While I felt silly having them open my pittly little gift in front of their family, I think it showed that I knew them on a different level. And they loved it.

    think I bought them Pink Floyd and erm Radiohead. Maybe. He then went out and bought U2 and The Cure. I think while they are super fun, they are also a scotche creepy. Trippy? Something.

    These CDs are the embodiment of our generation.

    We need to do everything we can to ensure the next generation will rock. RAWK!

  2. kb says:

    forget the little screaming brats. I need this for myself! These could almost double as massage music, or better yet, to listen to on an airplane when I’m trying to fall asleep. It’s loud enough and has a beat that won’t get lost in the engine drone, yet there’s going to be no sudden surprise chords to jolt me out of a dramamine-induced stupor.

    *running to buy the beatles, coldplay and metallica*

  3. merrick says:

    How did I not know these existed?? Now I’m going to have to have a baby!


  4. Alfagee says:

    Will you buy me one for not having a baby?

  5. Becca says:

    Jane, I was lucky in that I was truly late with my gift to Baby Owen so no one had to see Jan open it. But she says Baby Owen likes it and I believe her.

    OK, let me just make this clear: you do not need to have a baby to buy these CD’s. Get cracking, people! On the buying, not the babies.

    But you do need to have baby for me to give you one. Them’s the breaks.

  6. Ryan says:

    I’m pretty sure that by any practical application, “Tool” and “lullabye” are mutually exclusive terms. Ever listened to the words of “Stinkfist”? You can thank me for your nightmares in later.

    Also, you can thank me for this later:

    NPR’s Top 10 Kids Albums of 2007:

    I like “Poopsmith Song” and “Brush Your Teeth”.

    You own this honor to nothing.

  7. Becca says:

    Why, no, Ryan. Having been a Tool fan since I marketed the early records for a living, I have no idea what any of the lyrics are or what they mean. 😛

    But seriously, have no fear, parents! The lullabies are all instrumentals. I suppose Tool puts the mental in instrumental.

    I’ll thank you for the link now, though! I dig the Clash-esque Candy Band cover, I have to say.

  8. Ryan says:

    What was the marketing plan like (platforms, etc.)? I’m genuinely interested.

  9. Becca says:

    Oh gosh, that was several jobs and lifetimes ago. I only remember the initial plan was to keep hold of their old fans by releasing the EP first while widening the circle but avoiding having them lose their cred. I also distinctly remember how difficult it was to get their videos on MTV despite their artiness.

    I also remember the two big breakthroughs: getting them on Lollapalooza and the featuring of Sober on Beavis & Butthead which was wildly popular at the time.

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