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All mixed up

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On November 9, 2007
At 2:50 pm
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Update: my mixer arrived the very next day! I’d like to write a post about it but I used up all my good lines on my Wednesday gTalk conversation with Sarpon. Also, I’m lazy.

Let’s stick with the Mets/Yankees color coding of our last blogged chat, shall we?

me: my mixer arrived!

sarpon: no shit! How did they do that — teleportation?

me: they drove all night! those Kitchenaid people are SERIOUS

sarpon: cult. I told you it’s a cult

me: I mean, it went ground from Harrisburg
they did not stop until I had my mixer – I don’t even think that guy peed

sarpon: it’s like they were waiting for you to decide, then they sent someone to grab it off the warehouse shelf and bring it to you.

me: I know! I think they had a dedicated guy jumping up and down in the warehouse waiting for me to click “order”

sarpon: they totally did — which is really kind of creepy

me: I am going to hazard a guess that this sale was because they needed the space reeeeally badly

sarpon: maybe a new model is coming out
not that you’d want it
or anything

me: maybe the white is just going to be whiter
or, alternately, less white

sarpon: what will you make first?

me: I already have whole wheat flour – maybe bread
just need yeast
yes, I’ll get home at 10 and start baking
mm hmm
no, really, how long does the dough need to rise? Maybe I should do it before work

sarpon: allowing for rising time, you should be in bed by 2

me: that would beat last night
but still, maybe it’s going to be a weekend thing

sarpon: initial rise will be about 45 minutes, then shape into loaves and rise for an hour

me: well, let’s see. If I get home at 10 and take an Ambien, I could do it at 6am and then go out running
then, I’ll cure cancer and be home in time to form the loaves

sarpon: aw… I’m googling for what you wanted and I found a pareve whole wheat recipe “frum” the kitchen of..

me: bwah
stop googling! I will find one

sarpon: I disobeyed, I found a recipe for pumpin marmalade bread

me: flumpkin?

sarpon: i’m dying

me: it’s hard out here for a pimpkin

sarpon: I have to be silent, this is killing me

me: try singing that song out loud! people beg you to close the door
don’t ask me how I know

The Cars – All Mixed Up

Djay feat. Shug – It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp