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iPod song of the week – gifts

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On October 21, 2007
At 11:10 am
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Were you wondering if anyone came through on my birthday-song-giftathon? Or anyone else, depending? Wonder no more! Several people did and they were all interesting, novel choices, none of which I already owned so big ups to all of you. And everyone had a different rationale: something I would love, something they loved, something that would make me snicker, something that would make me grimace, etc. (you know who you are). And they mostly did get those reactions. And I even got songs in three languages, four if you include “Urban.” But really, the most important criteria for any gift was met and heartily: none of them were songs I’d buy myself. Will any of them make it to my iPod? Only time will tell. Or as Van Halen so eloquently put it, “only time will tell if we stand the test of time.” That doesn’t apply to this situation at all, I just like the inanity.

Anyway, this is all just to give you a big thank you for, as they used to say in the commercials of my childhood, giving the gift of music. And the notes that accompanied them were lovely too. In considering using one of these as the iPod Song of the Week I worried about singling any gift out above the others, because it wasn’t a contest. And I already did that on one of my younger birthdays when everyone got me dolls and one person got me The Cars’ Candy-O. My parents later told me that the whooping and hollering throughout the house might have been a little out of line. But then there was the person who sent me six, uh, unique songs. And this wasn’t because of the song choice but more the note.

Hey Becca, I am sure you haven’t heard this latest brit brit tune! I heard she ROCKED the fucking VMA’S, wasn’t she fucking hot looking! Omg, drugged up and lethargic never looked so good!!!

Smooches and lots of love on your 65th birthday!


So there we are!

Britney Spears – Gimme More

I’m not sure I could live with that being the iPod Song of the Week, though. So let’s go with this one which could be the quintessential late 70’s New Wave song.

The Cars – Candy-O


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  1. How funny, Becca. I was just commenting on lyrical inanity on my blog, too. Great minds, eh?

  2. merrick says:

    I loved Candy-O. We must be around the same age… and that would not be 65!

  3. Maureen says:

    Oh my God, I freaking love Candy-O. I’m heading off to iTunes right now to add it to my collection.

    Another blast from the past I recently bought – Endless Love. A must-have for the roller-rink set. Couple skate, now, couples only.

  4. Becca says:

    Linda, what’s amazing is that Van Halen were equally inane with every one of their lead singers! I’m still a David Lee Roth woman, though.

    Merrick, exactly! I’m totally not a day over 60.

    But I had no idea you guys loved the Candy-O as much as me. I realized that I still only have it on LP which is why it’s not in streaming. I have to take the time and get it over here. Ah, memories.

  5. It’s an inanity meme, Becca. It’s viral snd it’s unstoppable. They could stick a hedgehog or Stephen Hawking in front of the mike with the exact same results. 😀

  6. PS–I’m definitely a DLR woman, too. It’s possible to believe he’s winking at us all. 🙂

  7. KP says:

    There is no Van Halen without David Lee Roth. End of story.

    And Candy-O is freakin awesome! I have The Cars on my iPod…good stuff, especially the first two albums.

    I now must mention that I found a bunch of old concert shirts at my Mom’s today.
    One is a Van Halen shirt from their 1984 tour and the other is a Cars shirt that someone must have bought me since I don’t remember seeing them.

  8. Becca says:

    Well thank goodness I have readers with taste. Not that I didn’t know that before.

  9. Pippi says:

    you really should have one of those parental advisory warnings on your blog, such foulmouthed friends you have.

    tsk tsk. shame shame, i know your name.

  10. Becca says:

    Me too! It’s Becca.

  11. Pippi says:

    you really shouldn’t blog under the influence of reefer and nyquil. honestly, have some standards. 😛


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