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Israel, the last leg(s)

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On October 17, 2007
At 5:00 pm
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This goes with the Athens post and is the last post about my vacation, I swear!

Here’s the pathway up to our apartment. It’s far less pretty at 5am with a big suitcase after a tour through Jerusalem on a sherut. But let’s think of it this way, shall we?

Here’s the entry to the shuk, or market. It’s a fun place, but Niece1 and I were on our way to the Central Bus Station and their food court of Kosher fun. It was a Friday afternoon, things were winding down, and we moved along. Niece1, who is eighteen and studying in Jerusalem for the year, pretended she didn’t know me while I snapped this.

This was the very last shot on my camera, the view out the window of our kitchen. The lady downstairs had just taken down her sukkah. She’s not at all religious, she just likes to entertain there. This is Israel in a nutshell. In the US, many Jews don’t know what a sukkah is. In Israel you have one even if you’re not religious, kind of like that “I don’t believe in Jesus but the kids like their tree” thing.

But the most beautiful thing I saw the whole time, was this one. Home. I really missed New York. Sometimes it’s good to get away and realize the places and people you miss.

This is actually the wallpaper on my work PC. Brother1 took it a while back.

Oh right! I promised you that exciting reveal. Here I am, in a little temple-looking thing in the Acronafplia fortress in Nafplio. Hot! And I mean that literally.

And there you have it! My vacation. Just a year or so till the next one. Phew.


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  1. sarpon says:

    Look at the muscle definition in those thighs. Have you been working out?

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  4. Becca says:


    Why, Sarpon, as a matter of fact, I run 2 miles a day, 4 days a week. How did you know? Sadly, no muscle definition seems to be apparent in this or any picture.

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