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Greece is full of ruins, who knew?

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On October 15, 2007
At 2:05 pm
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Midway through my stay in Nafplio, I decided to finally climb the Big Hill and visit one of the fortresses. The lower one, naturally. This one was called Acronafplia, acro being the prefix for heights, naflpia meaning hot, tiring climb. But I grabbed my bucket hat and a bottle of water and set out.

It wasn’t just the blazing sun and steepness that made it difficult. I also was faced with “steps” like these. Safe!

And this is the view back from where I had just come. Yes, those steps above were exactly what I wanted to be faced with.

Finally, I reached the gate. I was tempted to steal the motorcycle parked in front but I staggered onwards.

This must have been a fun look-out job. Or maybe it was to push out people you didn’t like (I think that safety gate is new). Even more fun!

Most of the fortress was in ruins. Probably because there is a higher hill and some other conquerer built an even better fortress. Whoops.

But the views from Acronafplia were so nice that I’m giving them their own post, just below this one.


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  1. GirlNextDoorTN says:

    Stun. Ning.

    Thanks for sharing these. And for climbing all those stairs for us, too.

  2. KP says:

    I am pretty sure I climbed just as many stairs to get to my seat at the Springsteen concert 2 weeks ago.

    Did you cry when you got to the top too?

  3. Becca says:

    Oh, I didn’t climb all those steps for you, Girl. I did it because they were there! And thanks.

    I cry when I hear Springsteen too, KP, but I think it’s for different reasons.

  4. KP says:

    I believe it was the fear of plummeting to my death from row BBB in section 1072 and/or the lack of oxygen that made me cry.

    Be it Springsteen or whomever, next time I’ll tether myself to something.

  5. Laura Seals says:

    Bec – I’m just catching up with your pictures.
    Absolutely gorgeous. — What a great trip!
    (Except for that finding out the hard way about the tap water….)


  6. Becca says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Laura. You caught that! Yeah, it wasn’t fun. But the rest was.

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