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On October 10, 2007
At 8:30 am
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Wow, it seems weird to type a post on an actual keyboard and not have to scroll through pages of checkboxes to get to my input text area. But enough of my jetlagged wonder at being home, it’s time for the photos! After a couple of weeks of words alone we’ll now have a few days of photo-essays to accompany the previous posts. This is partially because I fall asleep an hour after arriving home each night and also because my post-containers will only hold so many pictures, so we’ll have to break them up.

So let’s start at the beginning. The first photo I took was of the pit that is the Delta Terminal at JFK. Why? Because I previously wrote that it was hideous, then updated later to say that I read that it had been redone, and now it can be said, I see no signs of refurbishment whatsoever. Seriously, it’s dark, dirty, ugly, and seems to have very few amenities. So I took a picture of this but when I got home I realized that the shot doesn’t convey all that. This is all to explain why I’m not posting this photo. Also, who really needs to see a photo of the Delta Terminal? What was I thinking? Oh right, I hadn’t seen Greece yet.

OK, so next up, I told you about my cute room at my pension in Nafplio. Here it is. Adorable, right? And you can’t even see the chandelier!

Here was the view from my balcony. Not shown: non-stop Greek music from the shop below.

Satellite receiver on balcony-right is to receive 30 channels, all in Greek.

The old part of Nafplio is really small, which is one of the reasons I chose it. It was walkable and manageable. So the first day, I popped home in the middle of the afternoon to, er, refresh myself. How did I miss this sign which was in the entranceway of the pension? So convenient! I never figured out why this was.

One of the things I liked to do most was to just wander the streets. And not just when I got lost. Because the streets there are mostly pedestrianized and all really pretty.

Here’s another. It’s a cross street, you can tell because of the steps (Nafplio is on a hill, more on this in a later post). If you squint really closely, you can see two cats sitting in the doorway of the second house on the right. It’s vacation charm!

Well, that’s it for now. Tomorrow, we’ll have some of that pretty water and stuff that makes everyone think Greece.