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Greetings from Nafplio

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On September 28, 2007
At 7:34 am
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Well folks, I’m here and I’ve only gotten lost once! It’s actually the lady at the bus station’s fault. I showed her the name of the street where my pension is and she waved her hand in my face and told me to ask at the tourist office. Sadly, she wouldn’t tell me where that was either. The pension turned out to be two blocks away. Brilliant. Because my suitcase weighs a ton and a half. I would like everyone to know, by the way, that I’m spending ten days in two countries with one carry-on bag. Ha!

I took two buses from the airport and everyone was correct: Athens is a pit but the countryside is lovely. And now, I’m off to explore the town. Or fall asleep. This room is adorable and you’ll have to take my word for that because not only am I posting via Blackberry but I forgot the USB cord for my camera back in the US of A. Oops. Pictures will follow… in a couple of weeks.

Ta from the future because I’m 7 hours ahead of you.*

*your mileage may vary depending on where you live.