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On September 9, 2007
At 11:30 am
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Well, the most wonderful time of the year comes to a close today and although I’m excited for the big final (go No-Djoc!) I’m really sad that it’s all over. But, as I return to the world of baseball (Yankees have done OK while I was away, huh?), my faith in humanity is restored by this clip. I post it partially in response to the person who found my site by using the search term “joba overkill.” As if! Who could get enough of Joba? Joba Joba Joba. Job-a. Jo-ba. Joba. Joooooooob-aaaaaah!

Anyway, the set-up for this is that Joba Chamberlain’s Dad is paralyzed on the left side due to polio but yet he found a way to play catch with little Joba in the backyard. This weekend he was able to see his son pitch in the major leagues for the very first time when he schlepped (is that a word they use in the heartland?) from Lincoln, Nebraska (one of the places on my all-time must visit list, I’m not kidding, but that’s a story for another time) to Kansas City to see the Yankees play the Royals. Joba, as we all know, has an ERA of zero, and here is his father’s reaction to seeing one of the Royals nearly get a hit off his son, possibly a home run, only to then see it caught on the warning track to end the inning. Phew.

Now I not only love Joba, I also love Joba’s Dad.

[flv width=”320″ height=”240″][/flv]


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  1. sarpon says:

    I believe the *only* appropriate word to describe travel by a man who is paralyzed on the left side due to polio from Lincoln, Nebraska to Kansas City is, in fact, “schlep.”

    It is, in fact, so appropriate, that my auto spell checker was admonishing me when I mistyped the word and omitted the “h” but happily recognized “schlep” as standard English when typed properly. Well played, spell checker.

  2. Alex says:

    We did not say “schlep” in Kansas. I am quite certain that I personally never said “schlep” until I went to college.

    On the other hand, neither Lincoln, Nebraska, nor the Kansas City Royals are in Kansas.

  3. Becca says:

    Sarp, I noticed my spellcheck didn’t pick it up either. And yet it’s griping at me right now about the word “spellcheck.” It’s like raiiiiin, on your wedding day…

    Alex, and I thought U.S. Americans didn’t have maps. You sure showed me and Miss S. Carolina!

  4. KP says:

    Go Yanks!!

    Joba Rules!!

    And so does his dad. >

  5. Arjewtino says:

    There’s a Midwest?

  6. Soxy says:

    What’s Joba’s dad’s name? I wonder how he & the Mrs. came up with the name Joba?

  7. Becca says:

    Arj, sure! It’s the thing with all the squares on the way to LA.

    Soxy, it’s Harlan. And Joba’s name is actually Justin but his niece pronounced it Joba, it stuck, and he eventually legally changed his name to that. Jaaaaah-buh!

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