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Waving goodbye to the US Open

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On September 2, 2007
At 1:20 pm
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Here’s a fun article about all the good matches that were on Court 11 on Friday. I saw two of those, including, of course, the last one which was Nalbandian-Malisse (I spent my day seeing Martina Hingis’ exes, yes). Anyway, they asked all these folks who played and were former champion-runners-up, how it felt to play on a side-court. They were all philosophical about how fortunes wax and wane, except Nalby who instead just spoke about the smaller size and increased wind on Court 11. Ha!

But I happen to love that he was on Court 11 because that meant I could sit in the second row amongst a throng of Argentineans. It’s kind of like how you want bands you like to never be successful so that you can continue to see them in tiny dives rather than Madison Square Garden. I hope Nalby suceeds (especially right now – he’s in a battle with David Ferrer, try yelling Vamos David there) just that he never gets a huge number of fans outside me and the Argentineans. I’m selfish like that.

(Hint: this little girl isn’t wearing light blue because it matches her shorts)

And now, some some parting glances, because while the Open goes on, it goes on for me only on TV.

I ended my Open here, in my favorite spot. At the very top of the Armstrong stadium, there are no ushers to bother you so you can sit in these little crevices at the top of the stairwell. Despite the crowd, you feel as though you are alone.

Sunset on Tim Henman’s career.

Cleaning up the Grandstand at night.

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

See you next year!

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