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Billie Jean King is not my lover

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On August 28, 2007
At 11:40 am
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And we’re off! Last night Pious B and I set off for Queens to the opening night of the 2007 US Open. For Pi it was the opening night of any year because she’d never, ever been before. I’d like to say she liked it but I can’t. Because she loved it! It was the greatest night of her life! I can’t make this up, people, I got to watch the magic of the Open unfold in front of a new person and it was just lovely. According to Pi it was like sports for clean people! None of those shirtless beer-swillers, no, just preppy people with cocktails.

We started our evening at Louis Armstrong Stadium where we got to see Ana Ivanovic demolish some Japanese chick in her sweet, friendly fashion. Then we cruised the food court to witness the triumph of capitalist pricing schemes before catching a few minutes of Guillermo Canas. I still don’t know who won that match; I’ll look it up after this post.

Then we climbed Everest Arthur Ashe Stadium to take our place next to my Craigslist sale in the nosebleeds. But it was OK! There was a great vibe, legends of soul music (Aretha, Gladys) and Janet Jackson were on hand, and the weather was breezy. We got to see the Williams sisters do what they do while we did what we do (eat big pretzels, talk Flavor of Love and music biz goings-on). Perfect! And now, Pi is a convert to the Church of Tennis. So much so that she made the joke you see in the header. I can’t tell you the context on a family blog, though.

Venus (click to enlarge)

Serena (click to enlarge)

Tonight, Bob the Triathlete and Nalbandian the Losah. Also, Shrieky Sharapova and Andy Rod-Dick.

Title loosely comes from:
Michael Jackson – Billie Jean


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  1. Pious B says:

    I love tennis! I love Queens! I love $4 fountain sodas! Best sports event I have ever attended. And that includes Boca Juniors v. River Plate. And my 3rd grade t-ball games.

  2. Becca says:

    It was great having you, Pi! You’re the most enthusiastic guest ever! Don’t forget, the match is never over till the kids bring out their balls. To sign. Yes.

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