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On August 14, 2007
At 3:00 pm
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I couldn’t decide whether to write about the fantastic Crowded House show or the fun weekend in New Jersey with my cousins so I decided to write about last night’s Yankee game instead. And that was before I heard Phil Rizzuto died. Holy cow! But first, some fun moments from the other two.

The opening act for Crowded House was Pete Yorn but before that was Neil Finn’s son, Liam, who is talented but would never be that warmly received had he not been Neil’s son. Like Neil, he talked a lot to the crowd.

Woman from audience: I love you, Neil!
Liam Finn: My name is Liam.
Woman: I love you, Liam!
Liam: I love you too.

And over the weekend, my seventeen year old cousin in her long skirted religious wear has decided she’s a goth because she likes Evanescence.

Me: What are you reading?
She: It’s called “Oh My Goth.”
Me: Seriously? Ha! Are you into that? I’m going to see The Cure next month.
She: Who?

That was the point where I had to be medicated. But I digress. We had a lovely angle last night and here it is, with a view of Chien-Ming Wang, just beginning to suck in the first inning.

But that’s OK! He settled down. But then Ron Villone came out and sucked further. But that was OK too because along came Joba! Go Joba! I didn’t get any pictures of Joba, I think I was too overwhelmed by his awesomeness. Or maybe I was distracted by the altercation in my section where a guy in a Red Sox jersey called for security, I guess because he thought he was being harrassed, thus causing the entire section to turn on him. This is my question, boys and girls, why would you go to Yankee Stadium on a day the Red Sox aren’t even playing and dress yourself in Sox-gear? And he wasn’t the only one. I understand the desire to see other stadiums while you are in a town but why the masochism? Red Sox fans, do Yankee fans do that in Boston? Because it is strange and a little insane.

Of course, along with our fine seats came the fact that we were wedged in in such a way that by the time I was willing to risk going to the bathroom my kidneys had exploded. Which was fine because it precluded me from buying any $9 soda. On the subway home (the IND, as my father would say) I managed to zip in front of the Japanese fans in their matching Matsui jerseys and the nice Baltimore tourists with their O’s t-shirts tucked into their khakis and actually get a seat. Oh my goth did my kidneys appreciate it.

In conclusion, here’s a picture of the Yankees congratulating Bobby Abreu on his home run, disguised as a gratuitous shot of Derek Jeter’s ass.

Title comes from:

Crowded House – Pineapple Head (not available on Napster)


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  1. Soxy says:

    I totally hear you on the masochism thing! J & I saw a kid at a Sox/Devil Dogs game wearing a Yankees hat. He was harassed walking into Yawkey Way. (I wrote this in my blog, if it sounds familiar). I wouldn’t just wear a Sox hat to any random game, especially a Yankees game. I was even too afraid to wear my Sox hat in NYC.

    J had a Sox hat on in Florida the January after we won the series, and people were downright nasty to him. An Eagles fan (the Pats played, and beat, the Eagles in the Superbowl the next week) was mean to him on the bus in Disney. The happiest place on Earth became sad.

  2. NoShowMo says:

    Goths today don’t know the Cure? I am officially old.

  3. Becca says:

    OK, now you’ve given me a theory, Soxy. I think for some people it just isn’t fun to walk around amongst their own brethren, wearing the same hats and jerseys. They have to go and stick it to the other guy. Yeah! I’m a Yankee fan at Fenway Park, what’re you gonna do about it? It didn’t work out too well for the guy last night, though.

    Oh, and see my comment to KP last week. I wouldn’t wear a single Yankees item when I went to Boston last week. Because I’m sane! Mostly.

    Nosh, I tried to tell her the truth, that she isn’t really a Goth if she doesn’t know Fat Bob but it fell on deaf ears. I’m so glad I was never a teenager.

  4. KP says:

    My son has always worn his Yanks hat and shirt in Boston. Many lively conversations start when people see my kids, one with all Yanks gear and one with all Sox gear, but no one harrasses him. Of course, we have yet to go to Fenway…

    Go Joba! I am loving all of these new young Yanks. Good for them! I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you ogling Jeter’s ass Bec.

    Our whole family mourned Rizzuto yesterday as if he was one of our own family. RIP Scooter.

  5. carol anne says:

    ….”I’m going to see The Cure next month. She: Who?”

    carol anne weeps..

    I played Paradise by the Dashboard Light last night in honor of Phil Rizzuto. RIP

  6. Becca says:

    But see he’s a kid, KP. Although Brother2 once had beer and peanuts thrown at him as a child while he was at a Giants game decked out in Dolphins wear. Fortunately that didn’t happen at his Bar Mitzvah which was in Dolphins colors. The centerpieces were bowls of oranges!

    I know, Carol Anne. It’s my mission to see that she gets exposed to real music as soon as possible, don’t you worry.

  7. sarpon says:

    At the one game I’ve been to at Shea, the Mets fans seemed extremely tolerant of the fans of our mortal enemies the Braves, even though we lost. And the lone idiot who showed up in a Cardinals hat and jersey walked out of there under his own power.

    But honestly, I don’t at all understand why any adult human would wear clothing with the intent to provoke, nor do I understand why any adult human would be provoked by another’s clothing.

    I’d make a terrible Crip.

  8. Jennifer says:

    LOL – I am the person who said “I love you, Liam” but I only said it because I felt badly that the other woman called him Neil! I had met him the night before so I’m sure that he knows that I was joking! Also, a lot of us have his CD and it is amazing, just as good as the new Crowded House CD, so he did actually have some genuine fans there who came early just to see him!

  9. Becca says:

    Well, that’s a lot of evidence, Sarpon but I’m going to attribute it to you being in a haze of gentle good feeling that day. Actually, lots of idiots show up in 3rd party jerseys from what I’ve seen. Witness the guy who caught Barry Bonds’ HR ball.

    Jennifer, really? But this changes the whole story. I was hoping it was the same person. Can I delete your comment so that everyone goes on believing? Oh, I kid. And no, I didn’t mean to imply that he wasn’t a really good artist; he put on a great show, profanity and all. Although being as good as the new CH album isn’t a total compliment in this longtime fan’s opinion. 🙂

  10. Jennifer says:

    So sorry to ruin your story! By all means delete my comments! No, some clueless woman in the balcony called him Neil so my partner wanted to yell out but thought that it would be exceedingly gay coming from another man in the front row so I bit the bullet! But again, I was just trying to right the wrong that had been done him! Regarding the two CDs, “Time on Earth” has certainly grown on me a lot with time but it is certainly no “Woodface” or “Together Alone!” But in their defense, it did start out as a solo Neil album! However, imho, a mediocre CH album is better than 99.9% of what is out there nowadays and I have a strong gut feeling that the next CD that they record in January will be nothing short of spectacular! Regarding Liam’s “I’ll Be Lightning,” I have played it more than the new Crowded House & Tim Finn CDs combined and it is even better than his live show so definitely worth ordering from New Zealand if you are into it!

  11. Becca says:

    No, no, I’m just kidding. That’s the nature of my blog, I kid around a lot. I only delete crazy people’s comments and you seem pretty sane on the scale of Commenters I Have Known.

    Ha! Yes, a guy yelling it out would have changed things a bit. But what kind of idiot says, “I love you, Neil!” Did she really think that was him? Oh, who can fathom the ways of the drunk concert-goer!

    Re: the albums. Actually, I adore both of Neil’s solo records, the newest Finn Bros. perhaps a bit less and this one would be at the bottom. I do try to listen to it and give it a chance (especially before the show where I knew they’d play a lot of material from it) but so far it hasn’t really grown on me. But I agree that it’s still better than much of the stuff released recently. I guess I expect a lot! If Liam’s is better I’ll give it a shot, thanks for the tip. I’ll be in Europe next month so perhaps it’ll be available there.

    By the way, should you (or anyone) be interested, here’s a link to a comment I left on a Pete Yorn review that frustrated me to no end. (Remember Crowded House? They did “Don’t Dream It’s Over?” Ugh).

  12. sarpon says:

    Becca, the reviewer took pictures with his camera phone — and published them. He is not worthy of your attention.

    Oh, and by the way, he’s 12.

  13. sarpon says:

    He might be a girl, too. Unless you want to edit my comment. Feel free.

  14. Becca says:

    No, no, I prefer to help elevate you to the top of the commenters list.

    Yes, he’s a girl. And what kind of blogger doesn’t respond to comments? Phooey.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I knew that you were kidding! Yes, we sane Upper West Side Finn fans need to stick together! And yes, whenever I encounter such loud, inebriated fools at concerts I always think of Steve Martin’s great line from years ago: “Ah…I remember my first beer!” Re: the albums, I love both of Neil’s solo albums, too! I guess I meant that it sort of morphed from one to the other midway which might be why it isn’t as great or cohesive as some of the others! But again, I have great hopes for the next one! Liam’s CD is phenomenal (I actually have 4 different versions of it!) but is only available in OZ/NZ right now and later on in the US but I’m not sure about Europe! I’d be happy to make you a copy now if you promise that you’ll buy an official copy when it becomes available here! And finally, that Boston review was pathetic (I was at that show!) but your comment was brilliant! Goodonya!

  16. Becca says:

    Yes, I know what you mean. Like Woodface. Brilliant but scattered due to its origins as two different things. And I too have high hopes for the next one. It’s hard work satisfying us demanding fans. 😉

    No worries on the copying front. I work for a record label and so drive everyone in my personal sphere crazy with my anti-copying diatribes. I’ll find the CD, I’m sure, but thank you and thanks for taking that line.

    Re: the review, thanks for that too! I waited a bit after seeing that review thinking someone would say something, but after seething for a while I finally had to answer.

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